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Barn conversion in progress

The Site

The farm is set within the Derbyshire countryside, surrounded by open fields, and benefits from stunning views across the valley. It was once home to a moderate agricultural farm. The buildings had sat empty for many years after the viability of the farm declined due to changes in the UK farming industry. The previous owner put the site on the market and due to a lack of interest from local farmers in purchasing the farm, residential development was considered to be the most feasible route to securing their future use and ensuring the farm remains a continued presence in the surrounding landscape.

The Barn

The project comprises three existing stone barns, a farmhouse, and a number of portal-framed agricultural buildings. The three stone barns will be converted into dwellings and the farmhouse has a modest extension and internal re-configuration to modernise the living space.

The rationale for converting the barns was driven by a need to protect these historic buildings whilst providing sustainable, energy efficient homes.

Converted Barn
Converted Barn
Timber Clad barn conversion
Converted Barn
Converted Barn


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